State of the Blog Address

Hi again.

It’s one of those things. You lose track of something because, simply, you’re an easily stressed out pile of constant turmoil and golden flakey goodness. Then there’s all the other stuff, the ever growing list of distractions that keeps you from doing anything remotely interesting. But in the end, if it’s something you genuinely like/love/etc, you come back to it.

At least, after some considerable agonizing as to whether or not you should, and on, and on…

So here I am. I brought a piece of the old (Abrasive) with hope for the new (Zen), and a fresh start overall. This puppy will be updated as often as I come up with ideas, I’m not setting a limit for myself this time. If it works out in the future, I’ll try to make things just a bit more regular.

What’s going to go here? Whatever crosses my mind. I might try my hand at reviews, commenting on random topics, pictures once I get my camera (three hundred dollars to go!), whatever moves me. If it’s of interest to me, and it might vaguely be of interest to you, you’ll find it here.

Hopefully some of the prior followers were entertained enough to join me for a second round, but overall, this is just about getting back to having fun again.

So, welcome to my world. For better or worse, in boredom and in giggles…

For as long as your attention span shall live.