1. A twenty three year old female produce clerk.
  2. Semi anti social writer who dreams of something better. When asked what that means, she’ll say you’re very silly. (Still female.)
  3. Filmmaker to Be, should everything go according to plan. (No, really.)
  4. Sarcastic yet absent minded entity that is both prone to talking to much, and not enough. (Breasts and everything.)

Abrasive Zen.n.(Uh-Bray-Siv Zen)

  1. A state of mind that is both highly negative, and just positive enough. About as far away from Nirvana as one can possibly get, but an interesting state of mind just the same.
  2. Blog of the aforementioned.
  3. Home to thoughts, feelings, stories, photos, and whatever moves her. Themed things always possible.
  4. Reflects the writer’s desire to balance cynicism and high grade sarcasm with the need to make something out of life, minus the use of alcohol or any other chemicals.
  5. Story of her life.


So. That should cover everything. Welcome and such, whether you’re new to the place, or a former reader of Abrasive Enough . If you’re the latter, double welcome, and thanks for following me to a fresh start on the Merry Go Blog.

If you’re the former, triple welcome, because you’re just a little bit awesomer.

Don’t tell the other guys, though. I don’t want this getting around.


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